Grand Reopening Fitness Event

Grand Reopening Fitness Event

Join, Love 4 Essentials on Saturday, June 22, 2024 for the Grand-Re-Opening event hosted by Brood 9 Martial Arts.

Location:  24100 Frampton Ave. Unit C. Harbor City, California 

Time: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

What To Expect:

Love 4 Essentials women's activewear, Gym Tours, Food, DJ, Membership Specials Giveaways, Family & Fun.

Why You Should Attend: 

It's a chance to celebrate a fresh start, new beginnings, and the the 3000+ sqft gym space. 

Fitness Enthusiasts:

  • Learn new techniques: Discover a new workout routine.
  • Stay motivated: Surround yourself with people that have a passion for fitness.

Fitness Beginners:

  • Get expert advice: Consult with trainers.
  • Find inspiration: Discover new workout ideas to begin your fitness journey.

People Looking to Improve Specific Areas:

  • Brood 9 offers, Muay Thai, an ancient Thai Martial Art of Self-Defense. It is the most effective proven method of using all parts of your body, such as hands, elbows, knees and feet to be your defending weapons. Classes make use of Heavy Bags, Pad Work, Kick Shields, Partner Work and Conditioning. 

  • Boxing, or the use of punches, is a crucial part of the feared and respected Art of Eight Limbs. 
  • Dutch kickboxing, unlike American kickboxing, incorporates techniques from three martial arts: Kyokushin karate, Western boxing, and Muay Thai.
  • Functional Strength & Conditioning, Intensive conditioning class designed to improve flexibility, strength and endurance. This full-body workout can be used as a pre‐class warm up or a quick fat burning exercise. Class will incorporate movements from MMA, Kickboxing, yoga, calisthenics, Strength training, weights and tumbling.

Overall, if you're looking to make a change to your current fitness routine or want to have a social outing, we invite you to join the fun.